10 Reasons To Do A Six Sigma Certification

10 Reasons To Do A Six Sigma Certification

In Quality field, you need to have certain extra credentials apart from a very normal college degree. Without these credentials, it is difficult to reach anywhere in this field. Six Sigma Certifications are one such credentials which are very much useful in a wide range of businesses and domains.

This Six Sigma Certification comes in a variety of levels like: Yellow Belt first, then Green Belt, after Green is the Black Belt and Master Black Belt at last. This can be obtained from ASQ( American Society of Quality).

10 Reasons To Do A Six Sigma Certification

Why one should go for these certifications?

For those who do not know the benefits and concepts of Six Sigma, here are the top reasons for why you should go for Six Sigma Certification:

1: Eliminating Errors:

Six Sigma Certification enables an individual to take decisions smoothly without facing interruptions in management and thus the ability to foresee the results of the process to be involved. This is how errors can be eliminated.

2: Helps Organization improve Business:

Once you gain a Six Sigma Certification, you become aware of all the processes and general characteristics related to any organization or business and thus you can modify them to obtain better results. These skills are very much kept in demand by business owners while hiring any individual and Six Sigma can take you par in this regard.

3: Nurtures Leadership Qualities

Six Sigma Certification makes you able of super heading improvement in quality through knowing about the techniques to cut costs and to improve efficiency and revenue collection through the business. This is basically how a leader works. So you can be the leader of the organization you works for.

4: Increases Pay packages

According to the survey carried out by Indeed.com Six Sigma Certified individuals are the highest paid professionals globally with an average package of $117,000 per year.

5: More probability of Promotion

Six Sigma Certification makes you different from the rest of the individuals. You then retain a very different credential with yourself and this is why your probability to get promoted is greater than all others. So you will anyhow be promoted faster than rest of the others if you have a certification related to the field you are working in.

6: It distinguishes You

Six Sigma is what separates you from the normal casual crowd. If your organization has not yet implemented Six Sigma Programs , then you may evolve as an innovator once they choose the same.

7: Can try in any Industry you Want:

With this kind of certification you can easily find job in any industry of your choice because there is a large variety and diversity in the industries Six Sigma finds application in. So you need not to worry about the job and thus package if you have Sigma Certification with you.

8: Improves Customer Relations:

Lean Six Sigma combination can be used to improve customer support and help services. This way you can reduce the no. Of complaints you receive from customers everyday.

9: Applicability across Industries

Six Sigma has attained a very wide application in almost every kind of business/ industry. Whether it is Finance related or IT, Investment Banking to Automobile Manufacturing , every field has its application. So you can enter anywhere with such kind of certification.

10: Sustained Quality Improvement

With such certifications, you attain the ability to achieve sustained quality improvement in an organization. It deals with examining any kind of deviation from the average results and corrective measures for the errors if any.

So, Six Sigma is a very useful certification program that can give you any kind of joy , from working atmosphere to a very decent package companies offer.

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