What is six sigma certification

What is Six-Sigma?

Let me ask you first simple question, what six-sigma is not? Six-sigma is not any type of organization or a slogan for instance. Six-Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps business and manufacturing industries to focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. Six-sigma is set of a quality program and techniques developed to ensure the process of manufacturing output, lower the cost, and enhance the customer’s experience. Six-sigma was developed in 1986, by Motorola and further developed and applied into manufacturing industries by General electric of America. This process is now widespread and mostly accepted by every manufacturing industry. Six-sigma method has unique six certification which are specialized and suggested by expert in the manufacturing industries.

What is six sigma certification

The aim of six-sigma

The goal of Six Sigma method is to ensure the highest quality of manufacturing process outputs by means of identifying the causes of defects and eliminating them by certain manufacturing output process. Six-sigma methodology is based on the goal of minimizing the cost and variability of manufacturing by using the six step certification. To achieve Six Sigma certification, a process must not have more than 3.4 defects per million per opportunity given to manufacturing process. Besides than above the main aim of this process is to increase the output of products and lower down the price with prodigious quality. There are many organizations and business group claims that they have implemented the six-sigma successfully directly or indirectly such as Amazon, BAE system, Boeing, Motorola, General Electric and many others.

Benefits of using six-sigma certification

Six-sigma certification is highly reliable as it is widely popular with some international companies and many organizations requires six-sigma certification to develop top class business profile and get benefits of six-sigma’s quantified projects and their way to develop efficiency. Clearing six-sigma certification will help your business to develop the reputation of your organization both inside and outside.

Six-sigma certifications

to get all the benefits of six sigma project team and become valuable member of six sigma team, you should have at least one six-sigma certification out of five and further you will be able to utilize their precise quality techniques and set of tools. There are total five level of this precise high quality development process given below.

  1. Lean six sigma black belt,
    2. Lean six sigma green belt,
    3. Lean six sigma master black belt,
    4. Lean six sigma yellow belt and
    5. Six sigma lean and DFSS.

These five levels are part of precise sex sigma certifications and obtaining any one of them will boost the product quality, lower the manufacturing price, reduces the defects in product and build the top class reputation of your organization. Six-sigma’s revolutionary methodology, philosophy of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling manufacturing process with the help of set of tools and quantitative & qualitative techniques for your organization will definitely reserved its place as catalyst to fuels the next phase of your business revolution.

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